Upgrading to Enterprise

Get custom integrations, branding and more.

Transitioning to the Numerics Enterprise edition introduces a suite of advanced features and services designed to cater to the complex needs of businesses. With the Enterprise subscription, businesses gain access to a highly customizable and secure dashboard solution, tailored to meet the specific needs of business owners, managers, data analysts, and other professionals who track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor their operations. Here's an overview of what you'll get with Numerics Enterprise.

Custom Build

Our Custom Build included with the Numerics Enterprise subscription offers an unrivaled level of customization, giving you more control over your dashboards. Numerics Enterprise allows you to set up and maintain a unique and personalized environment that best suits your business' needs.

Key Features of the Custom Build include:

  1. Custom Build Setup & Maintenance: As part of our commitment to delivering a personalized experience, we assist in setting up your custom environment, including a custom-branded app available on all device types. Furthermore, we enable the development of a custom roadmap tailored to your business needs. Our team provides continuous maintenance to ensure the smooth operation of your custom setup.

  2. Setup & Configuration of User Authentication: We support you in setting up a secure user authentication system, fortifying your data protection efforts.

  3. MDM Integration for Numerics License Distribution: With Mobile Device Management (MDM) integration, distributing Numerics licenses across your organization is made simpler and more efficient.

  4. MDM based control to disable app features: Gain granular control over app features, enabling or disabling functionalities based on your organization's requirements.

  5. MDM based control to disable Service Integrations: With MDM, you can also manage and disable specific service integrations in your Numerics custom build as per your requirements, providing even more control over your data environment.

  6. Managed AppleID Support: We provide comprehensive support for Managed Apple IDs, facilitating streamlined account management.

  7. B2B App via Apple Business Manager: Deploy Numerics Enterprise via the Apple Business Manager, simplifying the management of apps and licenses within your organization.

  8. All future updates, improvements and bug fixes: Stay up-to-date with all future software updates, improvements, and bug fixes included in your subscription.

Professional Services

Upgrading to Numerics Enterprise unlocks access to our professional services that are aimed at enhancing your experience and ensuring your success with our platform.

  • Custom Integration Services: Benefit from our custom integration services, where we assist you in seamlessly integrating Numerics with your existing business applications and workflows, to ensure a smooth and efficient data analytics process.

  • Custom Branding Services: Our white labeling and custom branding options allow you to infuse your brand's unique identity into the platform, creating a consistent brand experience.

  • Customer Success Services:

    • Customized Support Documentation: Get tailor-made documentation that answers your specific queries and addresses your unique needs.

    • Integration with Corporate Enterprise Helpdesk: We seamlessly integrate with your corporate enterprise helpdesk to ensure your end-users receive efficient and timely support.

    • Customized Training Webinars: Learn how to make the most of Numerics with our customized training webinars, designed with your specific requirements in mind.

    • Dedicated Customer Success Manager: Enjoy the benefits of having a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will guide you every step of the way and ensure that you get the most out of your Numerics Enterprise subscription.

By upgrading to Numerics Enterprise, you are investing in a robust, highly customizable, and secure business dashboard solution. Discover a new level of insights and propel your business into the future with Numerics Enterprise.

Contact Cynapse and let us guide you towards a tailored, secure, and powerful dashboard solution that can take your business performance tracking to the next level. Step into the future of data with Numerics Enterprise. Reach out now!