Announcing availability of v3.1.3

May 17, 2010 3.1.3 release is now available. This is a bugfix release. Major changes in the translation mechanism are included, please read the notes in the Translations section, for more info. Community Edition users should read the note on removal of legacy products before upgrading their instances.

Key Fixes

  • The “Who” section of an Event item when viewed singularly was not coming up when only the Attendees field was filled. It would not show up unless the Contact Name field was also filled - the section now shows up correctly.

  • Downloading of only .zip files was broken only in IE8. Any zip file when downloaded from in IE8 would show as a corrupted download, while it would work in all other web browsers. Fixed.

  • Discussion URLs will now be much shorter, maximum width is now reduced to 80 characters. Note: This will affect only new discussions, old discussions' URLs will continue un-changed to preserve existing links. This feature has been requested in the Cynapse Community, by @everythingability, @ybizeul and others.

  • Plone base has been upgraded to latest stable version, Plone 3.3.5.

  • Proxy Server Support: HTTP Proxy server support for Internet connections has been tested and fixed to work correctly for update checking and future server-side Internet features.

Minor Improvements

  • Recycle Bin now directly shows Manage Contents view, this allows bulk management and can be used to delete all items, in an easier way.

  • Performance improvements: Minor performance improvements and deprecated methods removal is included in this release. server startup time has improved, and you should hopefully see faster page-loads. We are continuing to work towards improving performance, stay tuned for more updates.

Translations and Community Contributions

This release brings many changes in the translation and i18n front. We have finally been able to shift to the locales folder based layout for translations files. This is the recommended way of including translations in products and allows to choose the correct translation to load without depending upon (potentially) incorrect values in language file headers. We have also switched to using tagged svn versions of translations - every version from now on will have a concrete translation version, to rule out update mishaps from untested translations. Salient points:

  • Updated French, Italian and German translations. Community Contributions section, below, has notes.

  • New translations layout: The i18n folder in /src/ubify.policy/ubify/policy/i18n has been replaced with /src/ubify.policy/ubify/policy/locales.

  • Space selection dropdown list in quick adder bar will now respect unicode characters in Space names. This has been tested to work properly with Cyrillic and other non-English languages.

  • New translation strings: There are new translation strings available, we have added missing i18n translations for places reported by the Community. More strings are going to be added soon.

  • Translators should now consult the Translations Wiki pages before commencing work on translations. From now on, which branch of the subversion checkout you work on will matter, we will no longer be using CyninTranslations trunk for translations files.

Community Contributions

  • LinguaPlone: Cynapse Community user @millie contributed a patch to make work better with the Lingua Plone product, which allows each content item to be written in multiple languages and shows the appropriate content to visitors based on their selected languages. This fix has been included in this release, thanks @millie!

  • New translators/languages are always welcome! Community user @ybizeul has contributed a French translation. Redomino s.r.l. have contributed an Italian translation. Both new translations have been included in this release.

  • Thanks go out to @gogobd, @mdebusfor updates on the German translation, included in this release.

Removal of Legacy Products

For maintainability reasons, several non-used plone products have always been included in releases. These legacy / non-used products have now been removed from the buildouts and are no longer included. The following products have been removed:

  • kss.plugin.jquery - This product was internally used initially in early 3.x versions for bridging KSS and jQuery, but was unused in subsequent public releases

  • Products.Ploneboard - Only used in legacy (Pre 2.x deployments)

  • Products.PloneFlashUpload - Only used in 2.x deployments

  • python-cjson - has been replaced with jsonlib which provides better Unicode support for JSON

  • archetypes.schematuning - has been removed, it is now included in archetypes.schemaextender with caching.zcml flag

  • collage - Only used in legacy (Pre 2.x deployments)

  • clouseau - Only used in development

Potentially this can be a breaking change for existing installations, especially if you have installed any of these products and left them installed or in limbo. When the new update is applied to your instance you may run into problems if you fall into these cases. We recommend at the least manually uninstalling any of the above products if you had them installed prior to installing the update. If you are unable to get the 3.1.3 update to work properly on your existing installation, please start a new discussion on Cynapse Community. This problem only affects existing installations, new installations should remain unaffected. Please test the update on a test system if you are running a production and want to upgrade to the latest.

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