Numerics 5.2 - ChartMogul, Delighted & CSV Dashboards for iOS & tvOS

March 27, 2018

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of 2 new cloud service integrations in Numerics - ChartMogul, an analytics platform designed to track subscription business metrics and Delighted, a survey tool to gather customer feedback using the Net Promoter Score system. We’re also adding support to pull in custom data from CSV files in Numerics 5.2, enabling you to render dashboards from any software that can export data in a pre-formatted CSV file. Read on to get more details about the new integrations and updates in this version.

ChartMogul - Track key growth metrics of your subscription business


Since we made the switch to the in-app subscription model in Numerics v5, we have embarked on a journey to explore tools to help us measure and understand our subscription business metrics. As a team, we love looking at our KPIs on Numerics dashboards designed for the Apple TV. Needless to say, a key software selection criteria for us is the availability of a good API to integrate with Numerics.

Appfigures has been great for iTunes / App Store analytics and we have relied on it for our KPIs since it’s early days. Appfigures was one of the first integrations in Numerics and in v5.1 we added a new widget pack for Subscriptions. The integration enables us to track KPIs like MRR, ARR, active app trials; all essential metrics for the success a subscription business. However, with Appfigures we were still missing core indicators like Average Revenue Per Account (ARPA), Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) etc.. to help measure the true sustainable health of our subscription business.

Enter, ChartMogul - a subscription analytics platform that brings in subscription metrics from services like Stripe, Braintree and to our delight, they recently integrated with iTunes Connect. The iTunes integration enables ChartMogul to give us big-picture numbers including churn rate, average sale price and customer lifetime value by plan. This and their meaty API enabled us to quickly integrate it with Numerics and today we’re excited to release an integration with ChartMogul in Numerics.

The ChartMogul integration comes with 24 pre-defined KPI templates to help you create subscription business dashboards in minutes, that you can share with your teams and investors.

ChartMogul also integrates with other subscription apps like Chargify, Chargebee and Recurly, and the widgets in the Numerics integration work to bring in metrics in the same way, from all these services too. See the full list of KPI templates available with the ChartMogul integration in Numerics.

Delighted - Improve customer service by monitoring live NPS data

Understanding how customers feel about your business is extremely important and is one of the key performance indicators for stakeholders. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey system is a proven way to measure customer satisfaction and predict business growth.

With Numerics 5.2, we’re adding Delighted, a tool that makes it easy for you to run NPS surveys and gather feedback from customers in groups based on the sentiment of their response. It’s integration in Numerics helps you monitor your NPS feedback by tracking the number of people in the NPS groups including Promoters who rated your offering 9-10, Passives who’ve replied with a score of 7-8 & Detractors who have given a score 0-6.

Use the Delighted integration with 5 pre-defined KPI templates to setup an NPS dashboard in Numerics and find opportunities to better serve your customers.

Custom Data from CSV Files

We’re on a mission to help you track your most important metrics from all your systems, in the cloud or behind your firewall in your premises. With this objective in focus, we are always exploring for ways to add support for custom data sources. Custom JSON, Amazon API Gateway, Microsoft Excel Office 365, DreamFactory are some of the integrations already available in Numerics that can pull in numbers from custom, on-premise business software. However, one of the most widely adopted way to communicate structured business data is CSV files. Data exports from various third-party software support CSV files and since they can be updated programmatically, and consumed by users using Spreadsheet tools, the CSV format remains quite popular among business software users.

With v5.2, we’re happy to enable support for CSV files in Numerics. 9 widget types let you visualize your business metrics in dashboards from CSV data, hosted internally on your LAN / VPN or on the Internet protected behind a login. Similar to the Custom JSON integration in Numerics, the CSV widgets require you to enter a URL accessible by Numerics. The CSV data must be formatted as per the Numerics Widget Data Specification. The samples for the CSV file formats showing how to structure the CSV data are well documented within the app in the “Get Help” section for each widget.

We have also shared examples CSV files for each widget type here and help documentation in the Numerics knowledge base.

The CSV widgets are all free to use (only limited by the total number of allowed free widgets). With v5.2, we’re also making all the JSON widgets available for free. This means, you can design and test the output from your custom software to be compatible with the Numerics Widget Data Specification for all JSON or CSV widget types, before you adopt Numerics for your organization in a commercial capacity.

Updates and Fixes

Numerics v5.2 improves app performance and adds nifty updates including new icons for Custom JSON, MailChimp and Google Spreadsheets.

Many crashes have been fixed, particularly a crash with Microsoft Excel Office 365 that some of our users were facing on login. We’ve also fixed a bug that caused the time series widgets in the Stocks integration to fail. Head over to the App Store to get a full list of the updates in Numerics v5.2 & download your update.

We hope you enjoy the new Numerics v5.2. If you use any service that you’d like to see integrated in Numerics, reach out to us, we are always exploring new integration possibilities and welcome requests from our users.