featuerd on NY Times and ReadWriteWeb

December 20, 2008

An extensive review of the desktop client was featured in the Technology section of NYTimes. The article written by Sarah was syndicated from ReadWriteWeb. Here's a snippet from the article:

The client is beautiful implementation of how microblogging could and perhaps should) work for businesses, but it's the client's integration with the team collaboration suite that makes it so worthwhile.

Other enterprise microblogging clients include Yammer,, and Status, but none offer an integrated collaboration suite, too. is open source, but it can also be purchased as a hosted service or as an enterprise appliance.

We're thrilled to have the attention and delighted that people are really liking the new desktop client. Our team works incredibly hard and consistently to deliver high-end technology that is usable and beautiful at the same time.

Thanks for the great review, Sarah!

You can read the full review here