Intel-backed SuiteTwo (SpikeSource) shuts down, offers discount and migration

January 28, 2009

Its sad to see Intel backed SuiteTwo (SpikeSource) discontinue services due to shortcomings in implementations of social software for businesses. We at Cynapse want to help SuiteTwo customers find a comprehensive solution in

For SuiteTwo customers who wish to switch to another behind-the-firewal or SaaS Enterprise collaboration suite, will help in data migration and offer a 25% discount on any of the Editions. Just drop us a mail at sales at cynapse dot com before end of March 2009 and we'd be glad to help. is the only provider of an Appliance and a SaaS model for collaboration within the enterprise. While SuiteTwo offered a loose integration between the three applications bundled, provides out-of-the-box collaboration with wikis, blogs, file repositories, Twitter-like-status messages, instant discussions, shared calendars and more. Some of the advantages of compared to SuiteTwo are:

  1. Seamlessly integrated applications under a secure single platform

  2. Notifications across the system to a desktop client or via email

  3. No user based pricing with complete professional support

For businesses who wish to use the open source edition can download and setup the community edition for free.

To sign-up for the 25% discount and migration to, mail us at sales at cynapse dot com