Meet the all new Numerics 5

December 20, 2017

For over the last 24 months, our team has been working towards this major update for Numerics, and today we are proud to share with you Numerics 5!

We believe that team members being always aware of their goals and metrics make a highly productive team and frictionless teamwork. Dashboards presented on big TV screens in the workpace are an effective way to give team members a shared view of their goals.

So when Apple announced the availability of tvOS, two years ago, we started off on our long voyage of making Numerics for Apple TV. While at it, we soon realised that for the best experience of using Numerics on the Apple TV and across all of the platforms we support, Numerics needs to sync dashboards and data across all of the users' devices. Since we never settle for anything but the best, we got to work with creating a sync system for Numerics. And since we could not accept any compromises to Numerics' bullet proof security model, we powered the sync using Apple's iCloud and the users private datastore.

It has been one of our greatest endeavors as a team and we have never been happier with our work.

Today we are excited to announce Numerics 5 and Numerics for the Apple TV.

Numerics for the Apple TV makes georgous big screen dashboards that you can interact with using gestures on the Siri Remote. Numerics for iOS and watchOS have been completely re-engineered and redesigned, and all the apps have been tied together with iCloud sync. We have also super optimised Numerics for the awesome new iPhone X. Numerics v5 is most certainly our best work ever.

There are even more new features. To give you a quick run through of all that is new in Numerics v5, we have designed a special page:

See whats new in v5

Numerics v5 will now be available as a free download on the App Store. The Free version is limited to adding 3 Widgets on 1 dashboard. Numerics Pro is a simplified in-app subscription with a 7-day free trial that unlocks the full capabilities of the app & can be cancelled at anytime.

Special Upgrade for Existing users

User feedback has been one of the key driving forces to making Numerics for the Apple TV and we want to thank all of our users for the support.

As a token of gratitude, all existing users who had downloaded Numerics prior to v5 are being grandfathered, along with a special upgrade offer.

Existing users are eligible for an exclusive lifetime discount of 50% for Numerics Pro, along with an extended month long trial period.

If existing users decide to not subscribe to the in-app subscription, they have the option to switch to Limited Pro. This mode is exclusive to grandfathered users, whereby all their existing dashboard setups that they have created in Numerics will continue to function and provide all the new features. Only adding of any new widgets or dashboards is restricted.

If (and only if!) you have been a user but don't have any dashboards setup at the moment, fear not! We have enabled a nifty hack for you to set them up for free. Exclusively for grandfathers, if you enable a trial but do not subscribe, all KPIs added during the trial will continue to function even after expiry.

Head over to our pricing faq section to get more information about the upgrade offer or drop us a mail.

We hope you enjoy using the new version. Please feel free to reach out with your thoughts, we love hearing from our users.