Numerics 5.1 - New integrations & Improvements

January 23, 2018

Its been a little over 4 weeks since we released Numerics 5 that introduced beautiful big screen dashboards for the Apple TV, an all new iOS app and a redesigned Apple Watch app. Today, we are excited to ship Numerics 5.1 with 2 new integrations: Appfigures Subscriptions and Stocks. This update also adds a cool improvement to the way you connect your accounts in Numerics thanks to the iOS 11 Safari Authentication Session API. Read on to get more details about Numerics 5.1.

Appfigures - Subscriptions

Numerics 5.1 adds 86 new pre-defined subscription performance metrics under the Appfigures integration. App Developers and companies can now track how their app’s in-app subscriptions and trials fare on the different App Stores in a single dashboard.

The new Appfigures Subscription Stats in Numerics bring in all the numbers app developers need including subscription activations, reactivations, cancellations and new and active subscriptions. It also brings in performance metrics for your trials so you can monitor trial activations and cancellations and keep a count of your app’s new and active trials. Unique to the iOS and Mac App stores, the integration adds different KPI widgets to visualize your first year and non- first year subscribers giving you the ability to forecast your earnings. The MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) and Churn KPIs offer more insight into the health of your subscription business.

This new addition of Subscription Stats along with the Downloads, Ranks, Revenue and Ad Revenue Stats from Appfigures in Numerics can help provide crucial insights into an app’s performance. Add your KPIs on the iPhone or iPad and use iCloud Sync to display your app’s performance dashboard to your entire team on an Apple TV. The Subscription Stats are available with the Numerics Pro subscription and you can try it for free with the 7-day trial.


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Numerics 5.1 adds a new Stocks integration. The pre-defined widgets allow you to track a stock’s intraday close price or visualize the trend of it’s close price on a line graph. You can also track prices of your stock investments by time series and technical indicators like simple moving average (SMA), exponential moving average (EMA) etc.

While Numerics earlier integrated with Yahoo for Stocks data, it has not been reliably showing results and many of our users reported issues using it. Hence the new Stocks is replacing the Yahoo Stocks integration. The new Stocks integration is available for free in Numerics.


A notable new improvement is the smooth new account connecting user experience thanks to the integration with iOS 11’s new Safari Authentication Session API. You no longer have to enter passwords manually for services, instead you can autofill them using your saved passwords in Safari or any other password manager. This is enabled for these services in Numerics:

  • Appfigures

  • Basecamp

  • Facebook

  • Foursquare

  • FreeAgent

  • Google Spreadsheets

  • Google Analytics

  • Google BigQuery

  • GitHub

  • Gmail

  • Microsoft Office Excel 365

  • Trello

  • Salesforce

  • YouTube

  • Wordpress

The API of the following integrated services are not completely compliant with the Safari Authentication Session and hence still use the old in-app browser model for account additions:

  • Intercom

  • MailChimp

  • Pinterest

  • Podio

  • Todoist

We will stay tuned to updates in their API and add support in Numerics when available.

We’ve also fixed some crashes and squashed many bugs. Though invisible to the naked eye, the fine tuning and performance improvements should result in a much faster iCloud Sync.

We are constantly working on adding new integrations in Numerics. If you’d like to see a service integrated in Numerics, let us know!