Numerics 6.1 - Jamf Pro, Teamwork, Updated Integrations & More

February 17, 2020

In our first Numerics version update of the new decade, we are thrilled to add 2 new service integrations - Jamf Pro, an Apple device management solution for system administrators to configure and automate IT administration tasks and Teamwork, a work and project management software designed for teams to collaborate seamlessly. With Numerics v6.1, we're also adding support for HelpScout's latest API enabling more stats to help you track Chat & Phone conversations, performance of published help Docs, and measure overall company stats. v6.1 fixes the integration with Google Services in compliance with Google's new security policies enabling you to use dashboards powered by Google Calendar, YouTube, Google Spreadsheets and all related cloud services. Read on to get more details about the new integrations and updates in this version.

Jamf Pro: Visualize your MacOS & iOS device and license statistics

Jamf Pro Dashboards

Enterprise mobile management is a crucial compliance measure and Jamf Pro is the quintessential choice in the world of Apple devices. Jamf Pro is a tool that empowers IT pros and the users they support by delivering on the promise of unified endpoint management for Apple devices.

Numerics brings Jamf Pro stats to your screens through 12 KPI widgets that make a compelling dashboard. Managed or supervised devices, distribution by device type, VPP licenses availability, and their usage are examples of data points you can now quickly consume through Numerics using the Jamf Pro integration.

See the full list of KPI templates available with the Jamf Pro integration in Numerics.

Teamwork: Track the delivery and health of your projects & tasks

Live timers on dashboards

Project management is at the centre of workflows for teams across a myriad of functions in organizations. The Teamwork integration in Numerics, allows you to visualize statistics on projects, its tasks, it’s billable tasks and more importantly project health. Display Teamwork dashboards on Apple TVs to enable teams to see a live stream of the performance of their projects, have clear visibility on team KPIs, goals, successes and failures and in turn stay engaged and aligned to outcomes.

Teamwork comes with 15 pre-defined widget templates that simplify project dashboards emphasizing vital KPIs. Keep track of task status, milestones due, top projects by health, top project owners in realtime.

See the full list of KPI templates available with the Teamwork integration in Numerics.

Help Scout

Numerics 6.1 integrates with HelpScout's latest Mailbox API v2.0. The updated integration has enabled 4 new KPI widget packs for Chat Stats, Doc Stats, Phone Stats, Overall Company Stats bringing the total number of pre-defined KPIs to 147 for Helpscout. Team Stats widget pack too has new KPIs.

With a crucial function like customer success and support managed through Help Scout, a full roster of metrics that matter are now accessible through Numerics allowing organizations to consume data that is realtime and representative of the team's efficiency, productivity, and output in absolute measure. Use the Chat stats widgets to track key Chat statistics like chats per day, completed chats vs missed chats and wait times. Improve your support documentation by tracking the percentage of answers found on your docs website vs the percentage of views that resulted in support emails using the new Doc Stats. Get a bird's eye view of the performance of the support teams by tracking overall tickets resolved daily, top team members by customers helped and more using the new Overall company Stats

See the full list of KPI templates available with the Help Scout integration in Numerics.

Google Services

Google dashboards with Numerics on iOS, wathcOs, tvOS

In late 2019, Google changed the way it allowed apps to use their authentication services. Earlier when apps crossed over their verification date, Google alerted users about this unverified status and asked them to continue if they trusted the app, giving you, the user, the choice. Under their revised API policy, Google blocks an app's access and clearly states it's unverified status with no option to move forward. This meant all new Numerics users (or old users who changed their passwords) were not allowed to proceed unless Numerics complies with their updated policies.

Numerics is secure by design and more compliant with strict security policies. Numerics does a direct secure device-to-service connection, so all the widgets connect directly to the service to fetch your numbers. We do not have a server in between and do not replicate your data anywhere, except for on your device. This means, we do not have access to your usernames and passwords. All your credentials are stored securely in your device keychain. Data security and ownership is fundamentally important to us at Cynapse.

Even with all the security in place, Numerics had to go through a rigorous & meticulous verification process proving scope, usage, and application of the access requested through OAuth. After over 50 communication threads, Google was satisfied with the security measures Numerics has in place and has re-instated the access.

We are always supportive of data security and giving the user's the rights to control their data. This policy change made it excruciatingly long to explain security and use cases to Google; for Numerics. We understand Google needs to be fastidious in this process and the team did everything we could to steer this in the right direction with the 6.1 update. We apologize to all the users who were inconvenienced with this change and will strive to make this a smoother process in the future.


LinkedIn has deprecated the APIs that Numerics was consuming and have since then made it invite-only access. Cynapse has registered for its developer program but is yet to receive access to their APIs.

Considering the case that is, we are forced to discontinue the LinkedIn widgets rather than have a broken implementation. Once we do hear from LinkedIn, we will spring this right back up on the app and notify all users. We hope to get this working sometime in the future again.

Updates and fixes to other integrations

Numerics 6.1 has updated the Todoist integration to their new v8 API repairing disruptions you faced briefly. Github widgets also have been updated to the authorization as per their revised API standards. The WordPress top list widgets have been fixed and so is the documentation for CSV Gauge and Named lime graph.

Finally, Numerics 6.1 has been optimized for iOS 13, watchOS 6 and tvOS 13.

We hope you enjoy the new Numerics v6.1. Please feel free to reach out with your thoughts, we love hearing from our users.