Numerics 6 - Where No Dashboard Has Gone Before!

March 10, 2019

Star Trek has played a key role in inspiring us to invent interfaces that enhance productivity of individuals and organizations. All our apps reflect our contribution towards building the ideological & technological future envisioned by the series. So, when Apple opened SiriKit to developers, our imagination fired up. We thought - wouldn't it be nice to have your device respond with real data to voice questions related to your business, just like Capt. Janeway would enquire about the ship's status? This could mean a real life version of the fictional tech, right in our customers hands.

Today, we're thrilled to announce Numerics 6, with a Siri integration that promises to deliver a fundamentally innovative yet instinctive way to stay on top of your business metrics.

Add to Siri

Ask Siri for business performance metrics

With version 6, we have weaved the power of Siri into the Numerics DNA, enabling you to get a spoken brief for any metric added to your dashboards. You can now record a personalized phrase to connect any metric from your dashboard to Siri. Invoke Siri with your custom voice command to hear a brief for your KPI with its latest values.

That's not all, we've gone a step further by designing a custom spoken description for each visualization type that provides a deeper insight into the metric, without the user opening the app. This makes Numerics usable in a handsfree, voice only mode and hence fully compatible with HomePods & AirPods. So you can ask Siri about a metric on your dashboard using any Siri device and be instantly updated with the latest numbers.

Being unapologetically native on the Apple ecosystem, allows us to integrate and extend the power of Siri like no other dashboard solution available in the market. Once you've added a metric to Siri, the custom voice commands are synchronized across all your iCloud connected devices and work out-of-the-box!

The incredibly useful integration with the Apple Shortcuts app lets you combine multiple metrics to build custom reports that Siri can speak out when triggered. This is perfect for creating a 'Morning Briefing' shortcut, that will trigger Siri to speak out a brief of 5 of your KPIs that you track daily.

2 New Visualizations

Ever since we first designed Numerics, we've aspired to add gauges and timers on our dashboards. We took our time to design the new visualizations ensuring they articulate the values in a way that is easily trackable by customers. Today we are excited to add 2 new visualizations in Numerics - the Gauge and the Timer.

Businesses work on targets and constantly need an easy representation of their current progress towards those targets. A gauge is the simplest and most familiar way of getting a comprehensive status of current standing. The large amount of screen space utilized by circular gauges, motivated us to re-imagine a gauge that provides a rich display of data, concisely on all device form factors.

Gauge to track progress on dashboards

The new gauge in Numerics is re-designed to be a barometer of your progress towards targets. A bubble with the current value acts as a pointer on the linear gauge, constantly indicating your progress. The more to the right the current value is, the more you have going on. A quick look at the gauge gives you an overview of the health of your KPI. The linear design of the gauge not only gives it a small footprint on the dashboard, but also communicates relative progress more clearly than radial gauges. Use the new gauges to track sales & marketing goals, revenue performance or any metric with a defined objective.

A lot of our work revolves around timelines, be it a customer meeting or launching a new product. Our calendars and clocks give us the exact date and time of the event, but they rarely give us a perspective of "how much" time remains for an event. In Numerics 6, we are introducing a timer visualization that allows you to track the timespan from or to an event in real time with count-up and count-down timers.

Live timers on dashboards

The smartly designed timer automatically adjusts its resolution to show an easily readable timespan based on the amount of the time passed or remaining to an event. Uniquely designed to display a live timer in the different form factors of all supported devices and extensions, the timer visualization ensures you have a realtime counter to your important event in the most relevant and clear format.

Re-designed Apple Watch app

Numerics 6 has been re-designed to take advantage of the new dimensions of Apple Watch Series 4 and adds support for the new Infograph watch faces.

Live timers on dashboards

Numerics on the Apple Watch now sports an all new design with beautifully structured metrics, rounded widgets and brighter colors. The zoom view of a widget is enriched with a micro gauge that gives comparative context to the current value and is uniquely designed for each visualization type. For example, the micro gauge for the line graph widget shows how the current value compares to all others on the line graph. While for the number widget, the gauge represents the difference between the current and previous values. You can read all about the new micro gauges for each visualization type in our documentation here.

Numerics now supports all the complication slots on the Infograph watch faces. Each complication slot is carefully designed to uniquely represent the visualization you are tracking using the rich new gauges and dials. On the Infograph Modular watch face you can choose to have multiple complications of the same Numerics KPI to see it in text and as a gauge.

Present with Airplay

While Numerics for Apple TV lets you display entire dashboards, there are times when you may want to quickly share selected metrics from your private dashboards onto a big screen. In Numerics 6, we are adding a new Airplay presentation mode that lets you broadcast selected metrics to the TV without showing your entire dashboard. Once on the screen via Airplay, you can interact with the visualization on your device. You can continue to browse dashboards on your device and switch to showing other KPIs on the big screen without revealing entire dashboards. If you are using an iPad Pro, you can even stream selected metrics to connected displays via USB-C.

7 New Integrations

We continuously endeavour to add new integrations in Numerics that enable you track more KPIs on a unified dashboard. With Numerics 6, we are adding integrations with some of the most requested cloud services. These include - Asana, Baremetrics, Google Calendar, Hitsteps, Linkedin, Twitch and Zoho Analytics.

And more

Numerics 6 has been optimized for the new iPhones and iPads, allows dashboards on Apple TV to be displayed in a vertical setting and is packed with more new features we think you're going to love. To give you a quick overview, we have designed a special page listing all the new features in Numerics v6, check it out here -

We hope you enjoy using the new version. Please feel free to reach out with your thoughts, we love hearing from our users.