Track Performance of WooCommerce based Sites with Numerics Dashboards

September 1, 2016

Today we are happy to announce a new update to Numerics that will help online store owners monitor their sales, revenue and other stats of their eCommerce sites on their iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.

Numerics v4.4 introduces integration with one of the most popular eCommerce platforms – WooCommerce. The WooCommerce integration comes with 27 widgets divided in two widget packs. The Product Stats widget pack gives you an overview of the performance of the products being sold on the store by bringing in totals for product inventory, number of product units sold, product ratings and more.

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The Sales Stats widget pack lets you measure sales trends on your WooCommerce portal and as a result enables you to take better business decisions. Dig deeper into the trends of orders placed, items sold, discounts given, shipping charged, tax collected and more. Discover the top selling products and know the biggest selling days based on density of orders on a day of month along with all the information that you need about the sales from your eCommerce site.

There are no restrictions to the number of stores you can track with Numerics. You can connect multiple WooCommerce sites and track the performance of product sales from each of them side by side.Once you’ve designed your dashboard you can choose to display any of the widgets on your Apple Watch. You can add your most wanted store sales number on the watch face as a complication. More information on how add a widget to the Apple Watch as a complication or glance

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Numerics v4.4 brings more delight to eCommerce site owners with an improved Google Analytics integration that includes Goal Conversion Stats. The new widget pack includes 7 different widgets that you can use to track your product sales goals, newsletter conversion goals or any other goals you’ve set in Google Analytics. The Goal Conversion widgets can help you visualize your goals as numbers, top lists, line graphs, pie charts and density charts. The Google Analytics – Goal Conversion Stats & eCommerce Stats widget pack along with WooCommerce empower online store owners and managers to always be aware of how their online store is performing.

With v4.4, we’ve also fixed a bug with the Day Density charts. For some timezones, specifically those negative of GMT, the day density chart would show the data with a lag of a day. This has now been fixed.

Along with the release of v4.4, we are also publishing the Numerics Knowledge Base to help new users get started with using Numerics. The KB is accessible from within the app, tap the info (i) button to access the Numerics settings, here scroll down to the Help section. You can also access it from our site here –

We hope you enjoy the new update. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please feel free to reach out to us, we love hearing from our users.