Dec 20, 2017

Numerics for Apple TV



Numerics 5 introduces a shiny new Numerics for Apple TV, re-engineered Numerics from ground up for iOS, and a re-designed Numerics for Apple Watch. V5 also introduces iCloud Sync in Numerics - design your dashboard once and have them available on all your iCloud connected devices.

Numerics for Apple TV

  • Design dashboards on your iPhone or iPad and have them available on the Apple TV using iCloud Sync.

  • Visualize your KPIs in easy to understand colored pie charts, beautiful line graphs, density charts, top lists and more designed for large screen TVs.

  • Each widget is designed to be focusable, interact with each KPI using the Apple TV Siri Remote’s Touch Surface.

  • Customize the dashboard on the TV by making a KPI widget extra large - click and hold the Touch Surface to toggle between sizes.

  • Unique to Numerics for Apple TV, the slideshow mode automatically scrolls through full screen KPIs on a dashboard. Use the Play/Pause button on the Siri remote to start a slideshow.

  • Unique flipper control powered by Siri Remote gestures to flip through full screen KPIs.

  • Beautiful high resolution 4K visuals on the new Apple TV 4K.

All new iOS app

  • Colorful new pie charts. Select multiple sections of the pie to view the sum of their areas.

  • Interactive line graphs now support negative values.

  • New radar style day density graphs help track cyclic data.

  • New image type widget - Add a touch of your company branding with logos on your dashboards.

  • Double tap on a KPI widget to instantly refresh it.

  • Dynamic widget background colors for Custom JSON widgets.

  • Re-styled Today widgets

  • New notification extension - pull down the notification to quickly view the value of the updated KPI.

  • Updated Spotlight integration - search for a KPI to see it’s value and changed date right from your device’s home screen.

  • Re-engineered Numerics notification engine updates you of changes frequently.

  • iPad Drag and Drop support - Drag one or more KPI widgets and drop them into any app to share snapshots of your KPIs.

  • Full external keyboard support.

Re-designed Apple Watch app

  • Numerics on Apple Watch has a fresh new look, with left aligned KPIs, bold typography and refreshed colors.

  • Use the digital crown in the zoom view to quickly jump to the next KPI.

  • Zoom view now shows the dashboard name that the widget belongs to.

  • Add Numerics to your Dock to quickly see changes in your KPIs.

  • Numerics now works on all complication sizes - Small, Utilitarian Small & Large, Modular Small & Large.

  • Support for the new Siri and Kaleidoscope watch faces.

  • Redesigned notification engine to keep you up-do-date about changes in your KPIs.

  • Updated for the latest watchOS 4.

All new iCloud Sync

Design your dashboards once and have them available on all your devices and Apple TVs.

  • All your credentials are stored securely in your device keychain and synchronized using the highly secure iCloud. Cynapse has no access to your data, all your data is for your eyes only.

  • iCloud Sync bolsters background notifications - By enabling iCloud Sync for Numerics, a KPI updated on any one device will send an update to all synched devices. Keep Numerics running on an Apple TV and get realtime updates to your KPIs on your mobile devices.

New Integrations

  • Microsoft Excel Office 365

  • Todoist

  • Shopify

  • AppFigures Ratings

iPhone X Support

  • Full support for the new iPhone X screen.

  • Unique landscape mode.

  • Face ID support.

Business Model

  • Numerics Lite version allows 3 KPI widgets on 1 dashboard from the free integrated services.

  • Go Pro to unlock all features.

Numerics Pro is an in-app subscription that unlocks all integrated services, allows adding of unlimited dashboards and widgets.

  • Get a preview of Numerics Pro with a 1 Week Free Trial.

  • As an early adopter, you are entitled to Limited Pro that allows your Numerics setup to remain functional, but you cannot add more KPIs. Numerics -Pro is available @ LIFETIME 50% DISCOUNT & 4X extended trial.