Mar 27, 2018

ChartMogul, Delighted & CSV



New Integrations


  • Keep an eye on your monthly or annual recurring revenue from iTunes Connect, Stripe, Recurly, Braintree and more using the ChartMogul integration. 24 pre-defined KPI widgets like ARR & MRR, help you create a financial dashboard to derive insights from your subscription business.


  • Keep track of changes in your company’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) & NPS groups including promoters / passives / detractors of your business with 5 new Delighted KPI widgets.

CSV & CSV with Basic Authentication:

  • Pull in metrics from any type of custom data with the new CSV file integration. 9 different widget types let you shape and visualize your business data in dashboards from a CSV file; hosted openly or protected behind a login.


  • All Custom JSON and Custom JSON with Basic Authentication widgets are now available for free with the app! Connect & visualize your custom data in a line graph, pie chart or any other widget type of your choice.

  • New icons for Custom JSON integrations

  • Updated MailChimp and Google Spreadsheets service icons

  • Changed the postfix for the Appfigures - Subscriptions Cancellations & Trial Cancellations widgets.

  • Improved app performance


  • Fixed a bug that caused the time series widgets in the Stocks integration to fail

  • Fixed the sort of the Named Line Graph widget in the Excel integration

  • Fixed the link to the Numerics Knowledge Base from the settings

  • Fixed many crashes