Share & Collaborate

Share and work on dashboards together with your team.

Numerics lets users generate shared awareness, stream real-time data, and showcase essential business metrics using innovative and secure methods. Numerics enables collaboration and sharing of dashboards in 3 prime ways: iCloud and Messages, dashboard templates, and the ability to annotate and share snapshots.

Collaboration using iCloud and Messages

  1. Dashboards can be shared along with all the data they display. Even though the visualized data is shared, your account credentials used to get and update the data never leave your private data store.

  2. Every time Numerics on one of your devices updates the dashboards with new data, the updated visualizations are synchronized in near real-time to the devices of the other users.

  3. Collaborations can be started easily via the Messages app, email, or other communication tools. Numerics allows each user to optionally contribute their own KPI widgets into a shared dashboard, while retaining their secure data in their private stores.

  4. A practical use case for this could be a company dashboard shared between multiple departments. Managers from each department can add live KPIs from their respective systems and data sets, providing a holistic perspective of all the indicators that matter to the business as a whole.

Streamlined Sharing with Dashboard Templates

Numerics takes sharing a step further with its dashboard templates. You can design a dashboard once and deploy it across your team or organization. Simply create a template from any of your existing dashboards and share it via iMessage, Email, Dropbox, or any iOS communication or file handling app.

Your security remains paramount - only the dashboard layout and widget configurations are shared, not your secure data or credentials. Recipients can easily import the dashboard template, which auto-connects widgets to their accounts and profile data. If necessary, the import tool prompts users to connect new accounts, providing a simplified solution to multiple enterprise requirements.

Empowering Discussions with Annotated Snapshots

Numerics also allows users to annotate and share snapshots of their dashboards, fostering more insightful discussions around data. Users can highlight key trends, point out concerns, or draw attention to success stories, all within a snapshot of their Numerics dashboard. These annotations bring to light new perspectives and stimulate more informed decision-making.