Help Scout KPI Widgets

All pre-built Help Scout KPI Widget Templates in Numerics.

Get customer success metrics at an agent level to understand their individual KPI performance from Help Scout data.

Monitor support teams KPIs like new conversations, resolution and response times on a Help Scout dashboard.

Improve customer support KPIs and metrics with dashboards designed with Help Scout data.

Monitor company customer support data for a specific mailbox in a Help Scout dashboard.

Build dashboards to track overall performance and productivity of your help desk with customer success metrics from Help Scout data.

Track customer support performance with KPIs like resolution times and more with Help Scout dashboards.

Build dashboards with your Help Scout account to track and improve customer success metrics and KPIs.

Connect to your Help Scout data to build dashboards that track KPIs and metrics for a mailbox in real time.

Build dashboards to track performance and metrics of knowledge base from Help Scout data in real time.